We are led in worship each week either by Rev. Gunn
or Ms. Eline Brock, a member of the congregation; or local guest preachers.
Besides being our supervising minister, LCdr (Navy) Padre Gunn is also the Course Director of the Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre in Borden, Ontario. In case of need, he can be reached at (418-692-2640) or call him directly at 581-995-2640).

For more information about:
Chalmers-Wesley United Church,
contact our office at 418 692-2640
on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday morning.
Our email address is chalmers-wesley@qc.aira.com.
Chalmers-Wesley is located at
78 Rue Sainte-Ursule
(in Old Quebec City)
Québec, QC. G1R 4E8

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